Welcome to R.Bibler Custom Builders.  We would like to thank you for considering our team for your future building and remodeling projects. Please take a look around our website to familiarize yourself with our company, and answer any question you may have. We also encourage you to contact us for any additional information you may need.

Randy Bibler began building and designing homes in 1978, primarily with his own homes in the Knollwood area of Granger, Indiana.  Today, Randy Bibler is the owner of R. Bibler Custom Builders, Inc., that provides services for those clients who are either building a new home or remodeling an existing home.  From the initial proposal presentation to the project's completion, each step of the process is professional managed.  "We take on the projects that would seem overwhelming to other contractors.  There is an art form involved in being able to take an 1840's home, remove a large portion of it, build in the client's dreams and complete the project with the home still retaining continuity with its 1840's history.  Being able to get the proportions correct is so important in the building process if you are to preserve the historical presentation of the structure.  New homes are equally challenging.  What looks good on the blue print may not look quite as good in the finished product.  We carefully walk through these areas with our clients to make sure we get it right."

Randy's ability to remain a competitive and successful builder relies completely on what his customers say about his company after their project is complete.  "All of our business is based on favorable word of mouth recommendations from customers and building associates.  We truly enjoy our customers.  I know it is a hard concept for some builders to grasp, but we actually build friendships that last long after the last nail is placed.  We wouldn't want it any other way!"