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The process involved for a successful project starts long before the actual construction. R. Bibler Custom Builders recommends early contractor participation as a strategic partner in the planning phase of your project. The contractor will bring additional resources that may be helpful during the project development. Value added services include:


Design Review and Recommendations

Design review allows the contractor to provide valuable information regarding the project. Cost analysis, construction feasibility, construction options and building alternatives, scheduling and permit acquisition are included. We work closely with all members of your design development team providing comment, feedback and support.


Value in Design

As your contractor, R. Bibler Custom Builders will provide value analysis of building materials, methods and systems to offer you options at various costs. There are specific areas of the construction project that will provide you with a range of value to cost decisions. Each client has their own personal criteria for choosing specific items. Early contractor participation in your project allows us to provide you with recommendations and alternatives within the restraints of your construction budget.


Estimating and Budgeting

Designing a project that stays within budget will require the contractor to provide you with cost analysis at various stages of the design development. Preliminary budget estimates will be provided at the design develops. This allows our clients to add or subtract amenities based on preliminary cost estimates. Once the design is completed and close to final version, a final budget will be provided. The final budget will include hard Costs and allowances that will be incorporated in the Construction Fixed Price Agreement.


Hard Costs

Hard Costs consist of labor and materials that are included in the Fixed Price Agreement and make up the cost of the project less Allowances. Examples would be various labor, lumber, sheathing, foundations, and excavation to mention a few. These are typically the items that the client expects the contractor to provide and the cost is already included in the Construction Fixed Price Agreement.


Allowances are dollar amounts that are set aside for the purchase of specific items such as kitchen cabinets, counter tops, floor coverings, windows, and doors. Allowances are a very important portion of the Construction Fixed Price Agreement cost. Allowances that are unrealistically low can have a major impact on the overall cost of the project. Based on preliminary budget conversations, we work very hard to make sure your allowances are realistic and within the expected budget. If you spend less than the allowance for a specific item, you receive a credit for the difference. Conversely, if you spend more than the allowance amount for a specific item the overage is added to the contract price.

NOTE: Allowance amounts included in the contract price for the project can greatly affect the contractors proposed bid. When comparing contractor proposals, make certain that you have checked the Allowances Amounts of each proposal. The contract price of the project can vary significantly based on the Allowance Amounts specified in the proposal. R. Bibler Custom Builders, Inc. will make certain that our clients understand how their Allowance Amounts impact the final cost of the project. A Kitchen Cabinet Allowance of $20,000.00 may look reasonable, but can you actually get the kitchen you want for that amount? If your kitchen actually costs $30,000.00 you have just increased your project contract amount by $10,000.00. The lowest contract price may not be the best choice and may not be a realistic representation of what your actual project cost at completion will be.

Site Inspections

During the design development phase we will visit you building site to better understand the proposed site plan layout. This visit also allows us the opportunity to make comments or suggestions that may be helpful in design process. Again, we look for those areas of consideration where cost to value comparisons may allow you choices that you and your design team may be unaware of. Early site visits and the information collect can make a significant contribution to that may affect your overall project costs and design.


Permit Acquisition

R. Bibler Custom Builders, will coordinate the necessary permit submittals using the information provided by architects, designers, engineers and consultants. A permit cost estimate will be provided as a line item portion of the project budget. Those departments that will require permit fees, design approval and permit issuance may be as follows:


Planning and Zoning

Building Permit

Mechanical Permits






Department of Environmental Quality